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Lilac Milo

Portable Wireless Lamp Sensor Auto Motion Detector Lamp

Portable Wireless Lamp Sensor Auto Motion Detector Lamp

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1. Portable lighting: After the LED light is fully charged, the use time of the flashlight can be extended up to 6 hours.
2. Motion sensing: When motion is detected within 4 meters, the integrated PIR sensor of the sensing lamp will activate a bright LED, thereby providing convenient and responsive hands-free lighting.
3. Energy saving: If there is sufficient light during the day, the induction mode will be automatically closed to improve energy saving efficiency.
4. Detachable: When you need handheld lighting, you only need to detach it from the wall.
5. This night light is very suitable for use in closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors, etc.
6. Simple magnetic design, installation and free placement.
7. Night light mode, compact energy-saving night light, soft light is not dazzling, long light mode up to 6 hours.

Shade material: Acrylic
Working voltage: 5V
Induction principle: human body induction
Sensing range: 4 meters
Light source type: LED
Size: height 180 * 25mm
Scope of application: living room, bedroom, bathroom, aisle, balcony, porch, wardrobe
Lamp shape: cylindrical
Light source power: 1W
Light color: warm white
Charging type: USB charging, built-in lithium battery
Long light mode: about 6 hours
Induction mode: about half a month

1*Night light
1*USB cable

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