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5 Core 2-Prong Male-Female Extension Power Cord Cable, Outlet

5 Core 2-Prong Male-Female Extension Power Cord Cable, Outlet

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About this item

  • 5 Core 2 prong extension cord gives you the freedom of accessibility. It is very suitable to extend the socket on the wall and some hard-to-reach places.
  • The power cord cable lets you move your accessories according to your needs and wants without worrying about being too far away from the outlet.
  • Made with durable material and a construction process, this UL-listed cable offers safety and guarantees stable power delivery.
  • This universal 2 prong power cable is compatible with most electronic devices and home appliances.
  • The durability gives the extension cord the capability to withstand rigors or daily use and pressure from elements.

Product Description


  • The Power cord cable extension is a handy accessory that helps you to extend the reach of an electrical outlet or device or add additional outlets to a room or workspace. It allows you to transfer power from one place to another without much effort. The cable length is 6 ft.
  • The 5 Core cables are UL listed. This means they have the highest quality and safety standards than other cords available in the market.
  • The universal 2-prong compatibility with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics with 2-prong cords. Made with high-quality PVC and copper, this power cord can endure external pressure and bends yet still keeps the power flowing.


Improved durability Our premium extension cord is made with high-quality material and construction techniques, which makes the power cord resistant to wear & tear and long-lasting.
Power capacity The 2 prong cable is designed to handle higher power loads, making it suitable for use with power-hungry appliances.
Enhanced safety This is a UL-listed cable with inbuilt features that promote safety and well-being. It is safe for the user & devices.
Outdoor use The high-quality material and enhanced safety features make this cable well-suited for outdoor use.
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